About Catching Clouds

Catching Clouds is the leader in ecommerce accounting. Ecommerce businesses are the future, and we have defined the optimal accounting processes for these dynamic online businesses. We are a Colorado-based ecommerce accounting services business. We are a modern, dynamic, and virtual business that is looking for fun and dynamic people who match our culture and are looking to change the way accounting is provided to businesses.

We specialize in helping multi-channel ecommerce sellers grow their businesses by providing them with current, accurate, and actionable financial information about their businesses. We provide ecommerce controller and bookkeeping services combined with the accounting cloud tools, design, and management necessary to be our customers' complete accounting department.

Using the Best Tools

We use Xero accounting software for all our clients. We are Xero partners and have served on the Xero Partner Advisory Council (XPAC).

Working at Catching Clouds is not just a job... it's a culture where you can work as a team to grow your career and be a part of the changing face of accounting.

You're a good fit for Catching Clouds if you are:

  • A FAST LEARNER. You are ready to solve any problem through research and hustle. You have the natural desire to improve everyday and apply that to your work. You know there are things you don't know, but that doesn't frustrate you - you take that as a challenge and an opportunity to grow.
  • A TEAM PLAYER. You believe that you can achieve more on a team -- that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL. You work hard. You like winning. You are able to do a lot with a little.
  • ANALYTICAL. You love testing things to see what works. Measuring results and iteration are part of your DNA. You do not accept the status quo. You always find a way to improve a process.
  • POSITIVE. Even if every day isn't rainbows and sunshine, you keep your chin up and know that making good choices today makes tomorrow even better.
  • A SELF-STARTER. You take ownership of your work. If you see something broken, you come up with solutions to fix it. You take the initiative in every part of your life.
  • DETAIL-ORIENTED. You rarely make the same mistakes twice.
  • ORGANIZED. You effectively prioritize your work and excel at time management.
  • ENGAGED WITH CLIENTS. You love helping entrepreneurs succeed and like being a resource to help their businesses grow.
  • SELF-CONFIDENT WITH A SMALL EGO. You are amazing but you don't need to tell anyone about it. You will do anything to help.

To get a taste of who we are and our approach:

There is no better way than checking out our YouTube channel! (Please subscribe while you're in there.)


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